Putney Family

Velma E. Putney [Marshall, Phoebe, Roswell] b. 1864, Ashtabula Co., OH, a child of Marshall Putney and Ophelia J. Butler; m. Clifton C. Keillor, around 1889; d. May 5, 1911

Velma’s husband, Clifton was born in Canada around 1869, a son of Robert O. and Josephine Keillor. He had come to the U.S. when he was still an infant and was naturalized in 1875. He grew up on his father’s farm in Pleasanton Township, Manistee County.   

            At the turn of the century, Velma and Clifton were living in Blaine Township, Benzie County, Michigan. They had three children: Stanley, Fern and Irene N. They were still in Blaine in the 1910 census, this time with all five of their children. Clifton was the owner of a farm and an employer, although none of their farm laborers lived with them at the time.

            Velma died in 1911 and was buried in the Blaine Township Cemetery.

            Clifton remarried after Velma’s death to Tillie M. ___. They showed up together in the 1920 census with Velma’s two youngest children, Lura and Bernie, in Pleasanton Township, Manistee County. Clifton was a fruit farmer. Tillie was born in Michigan around 1869.

            It appears that Clifton married a third time between 1920 and 1930, for in 1930, Clifton and Ellen Keillor were living in Bear Lake Township. Ellen was born in Michigan around 1883 – about 14 years younger than Tillie. Velma’s children Lura and Bernie were still living in Clifton’s home. Clifton worked as the proprietor of a feed store. His younger brother, Orlin, was a salesman at the feed store and lived next to them. Bernie Keillor was the proprietor of a garage.

            Clifton died in 1945.

            Velma and Clifton’s son, Stanley Keillor, became the Blaine Township Supervisor and Treasurer and member of the Arcadia Lodge 473 Free & Accepted Masons.


1. Stanley C. Keillor, b. February 2, 1892, Blaine Township, Benzie Co., MI; m. Lillie Lindgren; m. (2) Hazel C. Waterson; d. November 20, 1976, Frankfort, MI (ch: Lee m. Lucille Bender; Marce m. Winnie Settle; Vy m. Adell Younk) Lillie b. 1895; d. 1937 & Hazel b. 1904; d. 1993
2. Fern L. Keillor, b. around 1894, MI; m. Carl Helenberg (ch: Claire m. Virginia; Arlene m. Max Peterson)
3. Irene N. Keillor, b. 1897, MI; m. Jerry Lomasney (ch: Denny; Patricia m. Dr. Warren Roberts)
4. Lura H. Keillor, b. January 27, 1901, MI; unmarried; d. April 3, 1977, Onekama, MI (cause of death: myocardial infarction)
5. Bernie C. Keillor, b. around 1908, MI; m. Kathryn McCarthy (ch: Larry m. Janet Johnson; Linda m. Charles Weber; Timothy m. Julie Ann Bond; Sue m. Clarence King)

            Wallace “Walk” M. Putney [Marshall, Phoebe, Roswell] b. September, 1867, a child of Marshall Putney and Ophelia J. Butler; m. Anna Rose Kirchmeyer, around 1889, Benzie Co., MI; d. 1924

            Anna was born in Michigan in April, 1869. The photo at left is of Walk and Anna with their first child, Phila, taken around Christmastime, 1891.

At the turn of the century (1900 census), Wallace and Anna had four children. They were living in Blaine Township, Benzie County, near his brothers, Travilla and Orlo.

The 1910 census shows Wallace and Anna in Blaine with seven children and a hired hand, Mark Short, living in the home.

In 1920, Wallace and Anna were in Blaine with three children, Frieda, Russell and Bert. Wallace died in 1924.

Anna was widow, living in Blaine Township, Benzie County, in 1930 with her children Freada B. and Bertie D. Putney. 

            Anna died in 1950 and was buried next to Wallace.


1. Phila J. Putney, b. September, 1891, MI; m. Edward Baker,
          September 12, 1912, Manistee, MI (ch: Evelyn m. Robert
          Dixon; Edward; Carroll; Betty m. Herbert Dryer; Russell;
          Walter m. Anna)
2. Alba F. Putney, b. March, 1893, MI; m. Paul Garfield, after 1912 (ch: Dorothy m. Tom Johnson; Frances;
          Joyce; Paul m. Lila Jean; Irving)
3. Eunice U. Putney, b. February, 1895, MI; m. Alfred Lettau (ch: Donald Laverne m. Dorothy M. Zilch.[1])
4. Agnes Putney, b. July, 1896, MI; m. Roy Bachlor (ch: June m. Floyd Workman; Kenneth unmarried; Shirley
          m. Warren Perkins; Howard)
5. Freada B. Putney, b. September 18, 1900, MI; unmarried; d. September, 1966, Bear Lake, MI
6. Russell W. Putney, b. August 21, 1903, MI; m. Martha Hukunke; d. March, 1975, Sawyer, MI (ch: Marie
          m. Robert Taylor; Elaine m. Franklin Gaul)
7. Bert D. Putney, b. September 27, 1908, MI; unmarried; d. May, 1979, Beulah, MI

            Guy Herbert Putney [Marshall, Phoebe, Roswell] b. June 3, 1870, Benzie Co., MI, a child of Marshall Putney and Ophelia J. Butler; m. (1) Mary Forrester, around 1891; (2) Maggie Forrester; m. (3) ___ Mick; d. 1952; Blaine Township Cemetery.

            Mary was born in Michigan in January, 1871. The photo at right is of Guy and Mary with their four eldest children, taken in Frankfort around 1898.

            In the 1900 census, Guy and Mary were living in Blaine Township with children Ernest Edwin, Violet M., Harold E., Percy A. and George E.

            Guy and Mary were living next to Guy’s father in Blaine Township, Benzie Co., MI, in 1910.

            In 1920, Guy was shown in Blaine with Mary and most of their children.

            Mary died in 1927 and was buried in the Blaine Township Cemetery.


1. Violet M. Putney, b. September, 1893; m.
          Herman Adler; d. 1971 (no children)
          Herman b. 1892; d. 1961
2. Ernest Edwin Putney, b. April, 1894; m. Minnie M. Sherman around 1920 (ch: Louise m. Donald Everhart)
          Ernest and Minnie in Joyfield Township, 1920.
3. Harold E. Putney, b. August 20, 1895; m. May Matteson; d. October, 1976 (ch: Beulah P. m. Floyd Hamner,
          Warren m. Mary Juricek; Neasa m. David Anderson; Phillis m. Ralph Stiles) May b. 1900; d. 1993
4. Percy A. Putney, b. June 28, 1897; m. Bessie M. Sheriff, around 1925; d. July 19, 1960, Grand Traverse
          Co., MI (ch: Marjorie W. m. James Patterson, Shirley A. m. John Mortenson; Beverly m. Kenneth Stanick;
          Dorothy m. James Smith; Lorraine m. Gordon LaGuire; Marilyn m. Ronald Nielson; Loy 1937- m. V.
          Susann Stephenson; Leslie m. Mary Lee Wheeler; Stanley m. Judy Philesey) Bessie b. 1904; d. 1969
5. George Eugene Putney, b. March 31, 1899, MI; m. Myrna Willis; d. April, 1966, Flint, MI (no children)
6. Leo H. Putney, b. July 26, 1900; m. Ardath Boyd; m. (2) Mildred C. Bently; d. March, 1978, Onekama, MI
          (ch: Eileen m. Donald Andrews; Wendell m. Edith Reed; Ruby m. Richard Brown; Phillip m. Janette Hull;
          Marva m. Daryl Fewins) Mildred b. May 27, 1910
7. Ellis L. Putney, b. 1902; m. Lottie Robbins; d. 1962 (ch: LeRoy Junior 1924-1968 m. Anna Radke; Arlene
          m. Dallas Smith; Clare 1926- m. Ann Gunderson; Curtis 1928-1989 m. Nancy Kinney & Loretta Payne)
8. Chester L. Putney, b. 1904; m. Wilma E. Sheriff around 1927; d. 1953 (ch: Harry Allen m. Mary Jane Stibitz;
          Mary Mae m. Andrew Clark & Michael Ryan) Wilma b. 1906; d. 1969
9. Ward F. Putney, b. April 16, 1906; m. Mary Avis Kochenderfer; d. December, 1985, Frankfort, MI (no
          children) Mary b. 1907; d. 1995
10. Vira L. Putney, died in infancy
11.  Elsie Marybell Putney, b. around August, 1909; m. Vernus Edward Hansen, June 8, 1930; d. December
          29, 1990 (ch: Barbara m. Earl Kittleson; Daryl m. Jill Rice; Patricia m. Roger Cramer) Vernus b. 1901; d.
          March 9, 1973

            Edna G. Putney [Marshall, Phoebe, Roswell] b. November 18, 1872, Gilmore, Benzie Co., MI, a child of Marshall Putney and Ophelia J. Butler; m. (1) John Gemmell, around 1892; m. (2) H. James Crawford, around 1897, MI; d. 1912; Gilmore Township Cemetery.

            John was born in Scotland.

            James was born in Michigan in September, 1868.

            At the turn of the century, James and Edna were living in Joyfield Township, Benzie County, Michigan. They had two children: Mildred (by Edna’s first marriage) and Bertha. James was a farmer.

            James and Edna were in Joyfield in 1910, as well. They had eight children, including Mildred Gemmell. Verne Goren (18, b. MI) worked for them on their farm.

The 1920 census shows James H. Crawford as a widow living in Joyfield Township with nine children and one step-child. James was a general farmer.

            The 1930 census shows James as a widow in the home of his nephew, Almon Crawford, in the village of Benzonia. James’ daughter, Ina, was still single and also living there. James was identified as the Sheriff of Benzie County. Almon’s wife, Alletta, was named as the “turn key” for the county jail.

            James died in 1949 and was buried in the Gilmore Township Cemetery.


1. Mildred I. Gemmell, b. September, 1895, MI; m. Thomas Cook (ch: Isabelle Edna m. Corwin Mendenhall;
          Lowell Ray m. Alda Bailey; Thomas Darrell m. Doris Kozareck; Lyle Keith m. Winnie Snell; James Herbert
          m. Arlene Helm; Ina Blanche m. Richard Clark; Bernard Wayne m. Kathren Grellick; Carol Lena m.
          Frederick Ehman; Janet Lee m. Joseph W. Smeltzer)
2. Bertha E. Crawford, b. December 6, 1898; m. Lloyd John Nugent; d. June 24, 1976; Joyfield Twp.
          Cemetery (ch: Lila Beryl m. Donald Kidder; Lorraine Evelyn m. Rodney Gillison; Carolyn Bertha m. Keith
          Roper; Kenneth Lloyd m. Nona Dial; Mary Edna m. David Nye & Jack Sorenson) Lloyd John Nugent b.
          August 24, 1896, a son of David and Mary of Joyfield Township; d. July 21, 1959. F3 USNRF  WORLD 
          WAR  I
3. Gertrude E. Crawford, b. 1900; m. Gustof T. Gabrielson; d. 1968 (ch: Edna Jeanett m. Ellis Weaver) Gustof
          was 2nd Mate on the Car Ferry in Frankfort in 1930 and worked closely with Mauritz Dahlgren, who was
          an engineer. Gustof was born in 1898; he died in 1968. Gilmore Twp. Cemetery
4. Marshall Alman Crawford, b.  1902; m. Stella Severtson; d. 1958 (ch: James m. Betty Price & Joyce
          Arntson; Sivert Roland m. Naomi Denune; Thelma Pauline m. Robert Demers; Donna Marie m. Charles
5. Micah James Crawford, b.1903; m. Freedia Collins (ch: Richard m. Irma Carson; Verle m. Marilyn Eisele;
          Arthur m. Viola Armstrong; Laura m. Kerry Deacons)
6. Velma L. Crawford, b. 1904; m. Grant L . Forrester; d. March 20, 1976 (ch: Claude Duane m. Geraldine
          Hart; Francis James m. Patricia King; Audrey Eileen m. David Johnson; Gary Lee; Allen Grant) Grant b.
          1904; d. 1974 Benzonia Cemetery
7. Bernard Edward Crawford, b. 1906; m. Jean Semple (ch: Betty Jean m. Marion Humphrey; Robert Bernard
          m. Nancy Stober)
8. Donna Fern Crawford, b.1910; m. Alden Call (ch: James Alden m. Neta Church; Janice Marie; Chauncey
          Lee; Mary Lynn)
9. Ina F. Crawford, b.1912; m. Ralph Grant (ch: Nellie m. Michael Jones; Donald m. Pat; Betty m. Donald
          Kufahl; Emilia)

            Lena Putney [Marshall, Phoebe, Roswell] b. June 18, 1876, Blaine, Benzie Co., MI, a child of Marshall Putney and Ophelia J. Butler; m. (1) Campbell M. Gemmell; m. (2) James R. Lawrence;

            Lena was listed in the 1900 census in the home of her Uncle Ashley Putney in Hart, Oceana County, Michigan, with her children Clayton and Sybelle.

            James was nine years younger than Lena, born in Michigan around 1885.

            Lena and James were living in Blaine Township, Benzie Co., MI, in the 1910 census. They were living next to Lena’s Uncle Travilla Putney. The Lawrence’s moved to Pontiac, Michigan, shortly afterward. They were shown there in the 1920 census. James was doing body work at a factory. Lena’s oldest son, Clayton Gemmell, was a signalman on a railroad. Sybelle worked at the soda fountain at a drug store.


1. Clayton C. Gemmell, b. September, 1897, MI; m. Jessie Anderson (ch: Clayton; Violet; William; Johnny)
2. Sybelle Gemmell, b. March, 1899; m. Florenz Stevens (ch: Lyle Vernon; Wallace; Lena Mae m. Mobey &
3. Julia Lawrence, b. around 1907, Putney Corners, MI; m. Erland Soderbert; m. (2) Danielson (ch: Dorothy m.
          Richmond; Eddie; Ilene m. Autin; Alfred; Eric)
4. Lily Lawrence, b. around April, 1910, Putney Corners, MI; m. Herbert Sandberg (ch: Walfred; Richard;
          Mary Lou m. Powers)
5. Bernice Lawrence; .m Johnny Kosky (ch: Jackauline m. Urda)
6. Donavan Lawrence; m. Edith Elliott; m. (2) Zimmerman (ch: Dorothy m. Walters)
7. Putney Lawrence, b. around March, 1916, MI; m. Agnes Meyers (ch: Janet)
8. Wesley Lawrence, b. around 1919, MI m. Evelyn Berg (ch: Ruby; Nancy; Jim; Bobby)

[1] Donald Laverne Lettau b. Nov. 23, 1919, Pleasanton, Manistee Co., MI; d. Dec. 5, 2003. Lift operator for Smeltzer Orchards more than 30 years. Child: Donnetta, m. Floyd Lillie, of Thompsonville. 



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